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I pool

A long overdue return to the pool with a fresh crew and the usual scum

Auntie's pool
Auntie's pool

Can't say much about this one other than thanks to the crew that hooked it know who you are!

i pool
I pool

One of the best pools in Perth in recent years, some rad sessions went down before the taggers and vandals moved in and made it a bust.

polish pool
clean up crew

A quick session at a nice pool in Perth. Only had one day to hit it so Josh did his thing while Blameless took some snaps.

busted pool
busted pool

We only sessioned this briefly before a very irate neighbour called the cops, was a fun little pool though.

frog pool session
frog pool

There's no better way to spend your birthday than sessioning a rad pool with your buddies. Josh did exactly that at an unbelievable permission pool somewhere in Perth. Thanks to those that found & cleaned it, you know who you are.

NB pool sessions
Nathan goes round the bend

Thanks to Herb & Nath for this one, a great little permission pool with a decent corner. Word is that a few Perth crew gave this a good shredding so expect to see footage/pics appear at some point.

septic pool sessions
septic pool skates

Longboard & Blameless scouted this one, only small but didn't need too much cleaning so the scum got amongst it and here's the result. Dan took the light pretty much first run, that boy's had too much pool practice lately!

WA pools
Jo's pool, sadly never skated.

Some of these were skated, some weren't. Some remain, some are long gone. RIP trannies, Dirty Whore, Clubhouse etc. If anyone has photos from the old Baldivis, Scarbs or Falcon pools or any other old WA pools we'd love to see them. Email

dirty whore pool - 2nd session
click for pics

A return to the DW pool only too find it knee deep in roof tiles. Fortunately Eli & the Perth crew were on hand to help shovel it out and they ripped it a new one soon after. Again the good pics are courtesy of Eli, Blameless took the rest.

clubhouse pool sessions
Josh at clubhouse
Thanks to Josh for the heads up on this one. Respect to the clean up crew and everyone that skated her. Video to come when I can be assed to edit it
dirty whore pool - 1st session
click for pics
Blameless got wind of a motel down South closing so Millzy scoped it & confirmed it did have a concrete pool..still full of water. Nothing we couldn't fix and after a few weeks waiting it was session on. Pro pics courtesy of Eli, 'happy snaps' by Blameless.
trannies pool
Millzy sees the light
A recent scouting mission turned up a decent pool somewhere in Perth. One pump hire, 2 weekends draining & cleaning & it was on. Thanks to all who cleaned & helped out. You know who you are!


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