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beers bowls n barbies 09
Beers bowls n barbies 09

The scum hit boyanup for our annual shredfest with the Margs crew. Pics courtesy of Damien Smith

misc Boyanup sessions

Random pics from various Boyanup sessions will go in here. Go see the Margs crew if you want a decent session with good people.

Boyanup Engine demo 2007
A few of us hit Boyanup for a quick sesh to find the Engine crew were down for a demo. Good to hook up with some more crew and the session went off. Pics courtesy of Damien Smith Photography.
beers, bowls n barbies - 1st Boyanup jam
The 1st bowl scum Boyanup jam. Pics courtesy of Eimaj, Blameless, Dave & Bec, Graham and Damo. More to come shortly.
Ben gets high
Looks like the Margs boys had fun at Boyanup recently judging by these gnarly pics courtesy of Noble Jess.



Perth, WA bowl and pool skaters